How to use the ‘stick’ in a hurry

With the world in its grip with the Zika virus, it is perhaps fitting that Australia is hosting a major sporting event.As a nation, we are still battling with the effects of the virus, but as an athlete we need to be prepared.While Australia is playing host to the Rio Olympics, I was given a


When is the hottest place in Ontario?

A few weeks ago, the province announced that it was increasing the minimum temperature limit from 55 C to 70 C. (The minimum temperature of 60 C was also raised from June, 2015 to 65 C.)And yet, as I walked around the Ontario capital on a recent afternoon, the weather was still cold, the air


When You Need a Muscle Hot Spot, Look to Texas!

In an article for Vice News titled, “What You Need to Know About Muscle Hot Spots in Arizona,” the publication noted that Arizona has some of the nation’s best hot spots for endurance training.It notes that “Texas and the Great Basin region are particularly popular destinations for high-intensity interval training, which combines intense short-duration bouts


How to Get Out of the Hoboken Hot Spot

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed a bill into law that allows a driver to pull into a Hoboken intersection without first having to turn onto the street or cross a double yellow line.The new law was announced on Friday and the governor signed the measure Friday afternoon.Christie said it gives motorists the option


How to avoid the hot spots in Birmingham

The hottest spots in Alabama, according to an analysis by The Associated Press, are: 1.Birmingham: 1,500 feet above sea level 2.Birmingham Hills: 3,000 feet above 3.Lake Charles: 5,000 ft above 4.Shelby County: 7,000 to 9,000ft above 5.Collierville: 8,000-10,000′ above 6.Tuscaloosa: 10,000+ feet above 7.Hoover: 10′ to 30′ above 8.Hoover Hills: 10-20′ above 9.Tarrant County: 10

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