Hot spot booster is a must for RTE, says CEO


RTE has launched a new product, Hot Spot Booster, that will give subscribers a boost to their internet speeds without breaking the bank.

The new device, which launches on July 6, is designed to provide internet speeds of up to 150Mbps for customers without an existing internet connection.

“If you’re reading this article and you’re an RTE subscriber and you want the best internet speeds, you’ve come to the right place,” said RTE chairman, chief executive officer and chief marketing officer Eamonn Brennan.

“Our Hot Spot Boost is an all-in-one solution that delivers speeds of at least 150Mbps, with no cost to you.”

Hot Spot Booster works by taking an already existing internet router and placing it in a new box, and then connecting it to an Ethernet port.

“The internet connection itself is built on top of the existing Ethernet port, so there’s no additional cables, no extra wiring, just a simple and straightforward solution,” Brennan explained.

“Once you have it in place, it takes advantage of the built-in Ethernet port to connect to your existing router, so you don’t need to upgrade your router to support the new feature.”

With the new product we have now, we have a device that’s built on an existing router and it takes the existing equipment and gives it a new life.

“HotSpot Booster is powered by the new RTE ISP Shield router, which features two Ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 ports.”

This new product has enabled us to deliver a robust and flexible solution to enable RTE to offer the best speeds and most competitive prices on the internet,” Brennan added.”

Hot Spot Boost enables our subscribers to enjoy fast internet connections for as little as €7.99, which is very competitive and a great value for money.”RTE says it’s the first ISP to offer a complete internet solution without needing to buy new equipment, which it said was crucial for businesses.”

We are proud to be the first to launch a product that allows customers to experience the full value of the internet while enjoying the benefits of an existing service provider,” Brennan said.”

I’d like to thank our customers for their continued support over the years and the great feedback we’ve received on our Hot Spot boosters.

“For our subscribers, this is the next step in our journey to becoming the best ISP in Ireland and an internet provider that truly serves everyone, everywhere.”

Hot spot booster comes in a range of colors, including black, grey and white, which RTE is also offering in a €6.99 kit for those who need it.

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