How Amtrak trains can’t run at full capacity


The nation’s largest Amtrak train network has no plans to operate at full speed as it tries to avoid a deadly Amtrak derailment.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the incident that killed 34 people on a New Jersey-bound train that left at the end of its trip in April, officials said. 

“The NTSB is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the derailment of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor train in April of this year, which resulted in the deaths of 34 persons,” the agency said in a statement on Tuesday. 

The NTSBs preliminary findings indicate the train, traveling from Washington DC to Boston, may have hit a tree. 

A spokeswoman for Amtrak said the company is investigating what happened. 

In April, Amtrak’s commuter rail service, which travels between Boston and Washington DC, suffered a deadly derailment, with 34 people dead.

The train derailed and spilled a liquid that killed 29 people on board. 

On Sunday, the NTSB found the train may have entered the tracks in a “probable” accident. 

Amtrak’s CEO, Richard Anderson, was asked about the investigation by the Associated Press. 

He said Amtrak’s safety record is “excellent” and that he believes the company “was able to mitigate the impact of the accident” in the best possible way.

“I can’t imagine that our employees would be any different,” Anderson said.

“But if they were, they’d be back on the job in two or three days.” 

Amphibian advocates have urged the federal government to issue a safety ruling in the case. 

After the train’s departure from Washington on Friday, the Amtrak service resumed running at a normal speed. 

But on Monday, Amtrak said it would not resume operations in Washington DC until it receives a safety review by the NTSBs. 

If Amtrak fails to do so, the agency would consider cancelling Amtrak service to New York and suspending the commuter service to Chicago. 

Last week, Amtrak suspended service to the Philadelphia area, which is home to about 10 percent of Amtrak service.

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