How to avoid collisions in the world’s most popular tourist destination


Travellers have been warned to stay away from the hot spots in Ireland after a series of car crashes and deaths.

The hot spots are dotted across the country and the number of people who die each year has increased dramatically.

Some of the hotspots include the popular Dublin HotSpot, the popular Clonskeagh HotSpot and the popular Kilkenny HotSpot.

The city of Dublin has one of the worst road safety records in the country.

More than 40 people have died on the roads there in recent years, and a further 40 people were killed on the same road last year.

A new report has highlighted how these hotspots are a hot spot for drivers.

The report by Irish Roads warns that “the vast majority of collisions involving a motorist on Dublin roads are either unintentional or result in deaths”.

The report recommends that drivers stay on the road when the hot spot is visible, or that drivers stop at other intersections where there are no hot spots.

It also recommends that when possible, drivers use a “red flag” or “red zone” when approaching hot spots as the hot zones are less likely to be marked with red.

However, some drivers will not heed these suggestions and instead “hit” a hotspot in a “random manner” which can result in a collision.

“The majority of drivers will use this red flag to avoid the hot zone, while some will continue to drive at speed, ignoring the red flag warning,” the report says.

In a statement, Dublin City Council said it was committed to ensuring the safety of its residents and visitors and its plan is to have a strategy in place for hot spot enforcement.

“We take all accidents seriously and have made significant progress in recent months with the implementation of new technology and awareness programmes in conjunction with the Irish National Police Service,” the statement said.

“Drivers have been given the option to use a red flag, which will be a yellow light on their dash, and this option is used to alert the operator to the location of the hot location.”

The council said it had taken steps to improve safety in the hot areas of the city.

“Our hot spot patrols are well established and a new, new, innovative technology has been put in place,” it said.

It said it also has plans to make the city’s roads safer by using a new traffic management system and improving signage to warn drivers of hot spots and the importance of driving safely.

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