How to find the hot spot in Ireland


The hot spot is an oil-rich spot.

This is where petrol and diesel are stored.

The petrol is used for heating and for washing and washing and more washing.

The diesel is used to power vehicles and the electricity is used by heating and cooking.

Oil is extracted from the oil, usually shale, and stored in storage tanks.

The hot spots can be very shallow and can be on top of hills or on top a hillside.

The oil-filled hot spots are usually not deep enough to see the top of a hill or a steep slope, but are on the bottom of the hill, at the bottom.

If you are going to be walking around, it is best to find a spot where you can see a clear view.

If a spot is too deep, you will see only a few meters of oil.

If there is too little oil, you can often see the oil on the ground or on a rock.

When you look for a hot spot near a river, you are most likely to find it on a rocky, flat area, usually on the bank of the river.

It may also be in a low-lying spot where it is not as easy to see oil.

The easiest places to find oil in Ireland are the rivers, lakes and estuaries.

There are some areas that are very difficult to find.

A hot spot can be found in any location in the country.

It is important to find an area where there are no obstructions to the view.

The best way to find hot spots is to take the ferry from the city to the village or hamlet.

This will allow you to see a few kilometres away and you can still see the location where the oil is being extracted.

There is a guidebook called The Irish Hot Spot, written by Steve McPherson.

You can find out more about the hot spots in the Irish HotSpot guidebook or by calling the Hot Spot Oil Office on 087 070 6444.

Hot spots are a sign of good quality oil and are very hard to find in Ireland.

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