How to find the perfect Virginia hot spot


A hot spot is a small area where temperatures can be high and humidity high, making it ideal for hot-weather activities such as camping and camping trips.

In Virginia, we have more than 100 hot spots. 

But we can’t get enough of these great hot spots in our backyard.

Here are the top 25 hot spots to explore in Virginia.


The Blue Ridge Parkway The Blue Creek Trail is the world’s longest hiking trail.

It is also one of the most popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts to go to.

There are many trailheads along the Blue Ridge, which runs from the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, to Rock Gap National Monument in South Carolina.

There is also a paved section of the Blue Creek which offers a great vantage point from a distance.


Mount Royal Mount Royal is a magnificent mountain that rises above the city of Charleston, South Carolina and is named for the British King George III. 

It is one of three mountains that form the Blue Ridge Parkway. 


Cheryl Chesapeake Bay The Chesapeake Bay is one of the largest marine bodies in the world.

The largest is the Great Bay of Pennsylvania, which holds more than one million fish and sailors. 


Virginia Beach Virginia Beach is a beach that is popular with both the outdoorsy and beachcombers.

It was one of only two cities in Virginia to win the 2014 National Geographic Adventure Award. 


Rhodes Plateau Rhodesian Plateau is a vast expanse of land and is home to many wildlife species, including mammoths, bears, crocodiles, wolverines, squirrels, eagles, birds, and many more. 


Laguna Beach Lagunas beach is home for a variety of life, including a canyon and river, a cave and a dune that is home a fisherman and his family. 


Powdery Point Powdering Point is one of the most popular destinations in Virginia. 



Rainier Mount Rainier is the second highest peak in the U.S. and is a natural wonder that is known for its spectacular mountain rock formations. 


Lake Erie Lake Erie is one the largest bodies of water in the Great Lakes region. 


Fargo National Forest Foggy Bottom is a popular place to explore. 


Hanging Rock Hangin’ Rock is also home to a rare rock formation and is considered the largest wetland mountain in the United States. 


Boulder National Park Brick, or Boulder Rock, is the largest wettland rock formation in the United States. 


Great Smoky Mountains National Park The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one-of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. 


Kirtland Air Force Base Kirts Mountain is home to the largest military installation in the nation. 


Camping on the Bluegrass Camping is a popular way to spend a weekend in Virginia with Campfire Paradise and Campfire Paradise Park. 


Towson TOWSON is the largest airport in Virginia and is one among the largest in the entire United States, with over 400,000 passengers per day. 


Eagle Creek Falls Eagles Creek Falls is one beautiful waterfall in Northern Virginia. 


Marathon Park Marathons are an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors during the summer. 


Black Hawk Mountain Black Hawks are a popular hiking trail that offers great views of Marquette County and is located near Vermont and Washington states. 


Fort William Fort William is one of three Mountains in Virginia that form a Blue Ridge Pier in North Carolina. 


South Carolina South Carolina is another territory that has a large population of virginians. 


Rocky Mountain Rock Mount Mount Rock mountains is located in Rock Hill, North Carolina.

Rock Mounts are one of America’s oldest mounts and is known for its mountaineering trails. 


Coastal Point Coasts is an aquatic location and has one of

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