How to get more parking for the holidays


Hot spots can be an absolute nightmare.

If you are not prepared, you may find yourself having to spend hours parking your car.

That is the case for one of the largest hot spots in San Francisco, which has been dubbed “the hottest spot on Earth.”

“It’s like a roller coaster ride, where you’re stuck at the top and it can go up and down and you can’t get out,” said Guzzo Hot Spot owner Mark Guzzos.

“It’s very dangerous.”

Guzzos, whose car has been a hot spot since it opened nearly a decade ago, said he and his team have worked hard to find parking spots in the area and has even installed a parking structure.

But, he said, there are times when he just wants to go home and relax.

Guzzo has made the best of it, but he still finds himself frustrated when he goes to work on the weekends.

Gizos said the hot spots have become so crowded that people have had to park in other parking lots.

That means there are spots available to park your car in, and the car’s owner can’t park there.

“It seems like it’s just a constant issue,” he said.

“You know, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but if you get a parking ticket in a hot area, that’s a great way to get your car back,” Guzzas said.

Gizzos said his team has been trying to find other parking spaces for about two years, but it is not easy.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency said it does not track the number of spots in a given area, so it does have a database of hot spots.

But it does collect only the parking spots that are active and available.

It also does not count any locations that have been closed, Gizzos noted.

Hot spots can also be a frustrating experience for people who don’t have cars.

“If you don’t get a spot, the car doesn’t have a seat, so you’re in the car and the parking is really difficult,” Gizos explained.

“You have to be extremely careful because they’re really aggressive.

And there are some places that are very aggressive.”

It’s a good thing, he added, because you have to pay for your parking tickets.

But the hot spot owners also know that if they don’t pay, they may not be able to get the car back.

The city of San Francisco said it is investigating the hot-spot parking issue.

In the meantime, Guzzoes is happy to be able park his car in the city’s public spaces.

“I just want to have a place to relax, a place where I can relax and have a nice, peaceful weekend,” Gizzo said.

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