How to Get Out of the Hoboken Hot Spot


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed a bill into law that allows a driver to pull into a Hoboken intersection without first having to turn onto the street or cross a double yellow line.

The new law was announced on Friday and the governor signed the measure Friday afternoon.

Christie said it gives motorists the option of turning onto the sidewalk or a public sidewalk when crossing the double yellow lines.

The state’s traffic engineers had recommended that drivers only use a sidewalk crossing when they are turning onto a street.

The new law makes the pedestrian crossing optional and allows drivers to turn on the sidewalk if they feel unsafe.

Christie’s signature comes just two weeks after the state’s transportation department issued an advisory urging drivers to use sidewalks as they do now when turning onto roads.

The new rules have sparked debate among residents and some legislators.

NJ Transit is urging drivers in the city to use the sidewalk, while the Hobbs Borough Council and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission are calling for the city’s traffic to be upgraded to a pedestrian crossing.

“The governor’s signing of this bill is good news for everyone who lives, works, plays, or bikes in Hoboken,” the Hobbes Borough Council wrote in a letter to the governor.

“It’s good news because Hoboken is in the middle of the worst heatwave in our state history.

It’s good because it’s good to have a law that’s going to help keep us safe, which we’re doing.”NJ Transit, the city of Hobbs and the Hobbetts are working on a new pilot program to improve traffic flow on the Hobbits’ busiest roadways.

Hobbs Mayor Kevin McCaul said the city has received several calls from residents who want to be able to turn left onto the Hobbies’ main street to avoid traffic on their way to work.

But McCaul added, “I have a lot of concerns about the potential of this law to have an unintended consequence, and it’s something that we’ll be working on.”

The bill also allows drivers who turn onto an intersection and cross the double lines to use their left turn signal to signal to traffic ahead.

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