How to get the best out of your phone’s GPS and its maps in Denmark


When it comes to making sure you can use your smartphone in Denmark, you might not have to spend a fortune to get a great deal.

As Denmark’s economy continues to expand, the country is now seeing a surge in smartphone users, which is leading to a rise in demand for mapping services.

“We’ve got some big numbers from mobile users,” says Jørgen Høvbjerg, head of mapping at the Danish telecoms giant Vodafone.

“If you’ve got 10,000 or more people in Denmark and you want to send a message, you’re going to have to be more than happy to pay for a map.

So we’ve had a big increase in mobile usage.

It’s been very successful for Vodacom.”

While Høp’s company is one of the world’s largest mobile operators, its map coverage is limited to only the country’s capital, Copenhagen, and its rural areas.

So when it comes time to choose between paying for a paid map service or just buying a map from the vendor, Høtbjerg says it’s often a simple decision between two options.

In addition to Vodacon, there are two others that offer some sort of map service in the country: MapQuest and Waze.

Both companies offer maps for a relatively small fee.

In some ways, the maps are cheaper than Google’s own maps, but Waze’s are only available in some cities and only for a limited time.

In Copenhagen, the cheapest route is the Vodabank, which costs about US$9.99.

Høsbjerg says the company is also seeing a rise of smartphone users in the city, especially in areas like the southern suburbs.

“You’ll have a few hundred people in your neighbourhood and they’ll get a mobile phone,” he says.

“And when they go on their phones, they’ll have an app and then it’s all very much about mobile connectivity.”

Hønge Lørgaard, a spokesperson for the Danish mapping firm BIS, agrees.

“When you have a big city like Copenhagen, where you have many people and you have big populations, there’s a lot of traffic,” he explains.

“With Google Maps, you can go to the city and get all the information and it’s only available to a very small percentage of the population.”

That means that you may not have access to Google Maps at all, he says, but it’s still possible to get access to the company’s maps.

For Hør, however, there is one major difference between the Google Maps service and other companies’ offerings.

“They’re very expensive,” he points out.

“The price is much higher than Google.”

Hövbjers advice?

If you’re in Denmark for the weekend and don’t want to spend that extra cash, it’s probably best to just buy the cheapest app.

“A lot of times, we see people who’ve gone and purchased a map for the first time,” he adds.

Hængelen & Company will be presenting its latest mapping report at the upcoming Copenhagen Mobile Summit, which takes place from July 21 to 25.”

One thing we don’t sell is an app that doesn’t have Google Maps support.”

Hængelen & Company will be presenting its latest mapping report at the upcoming Copenhagen Mobile Summit, which takes place from July 21 to 25.

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