How to identify hotspots in the UK


There are about 6,000 hotspots across the UK, which include most of the capital, London, as well as some small towns and rural areas.

But where do they all come from?

And how can you spot them all?

The map below shows where the most common types of hot spots are found, with the red areas marked hotspots.

If you see a hotspot with an “X” next to it, it means it’s from a new location, so you may have to search for it yourself.

The hotspots that we highlighted are the ones that are relatively small.

They may be the result of the London Tube network running at high speed.

In some cases, these areas may be close to the airport, and you may want to check the airport’s website for information on other destinations.

If you want to know where hotspots are, you can search for them on Google Maps.

You can also download the Google Maps app for your smartphone.

The top spots include London’s famous Canary Wharf area, which is home to the city’s most popular nightclubs and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

It is also the most popular spot for the Tube, where it is the busiest.

Next on the map is the northernmost part of London, known as North London.

This area is home also to the British Museum and is a popular spot to take in the sights and sounds of the city.

The area is also home to a number of famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Houses of Parliament and the Euston station.

The Eustons is a long and steep walk from the North London Zoo, so it’s also a popular hotspot.

Another popular spot is The Docks in East London.

It’s where the city of London’s dockworkers congregate, and is also popular for nightlife.

It’s a short walk from The Barbican to the South Bank.

It can be crowded and noisy during peak hours, but it is also a great spot to watch a fireworks display.

If a hotspe is a bit more remote, like a place on a peninsula, it can be a different story.

Here, the locations are scattered.

You might have to dig a little deeper to find the hotspots, and it might be worth looking into the Google maps app for a bit of help.

If the hotspot you’re looking for isn’t listed in the map above, you might be able to find it by using the search feature in Google Maps, or simply by searching the area yourself.

If the area is too remote for you to see, the next best thing to do is to head to the nearest bus station, the Victoria line, which runs from London’s south to the East Midlands and the North of England.

This route has the most trains per hour of any bus route in the country, and offers a good opportunity to see the hotsprings.

venice hot spots

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