How to interpret a hot spot meaning


In the UK, hot spots mean areas where there are higher levels of heat, with the air hotter and humid than usual.

For instance, in the UK on Wednesday morning there was a high of 35C in the south east, with temperatures in the north-east and the Midlands expected to reach 40C.

The UK’s National Weather Service has issued a heat warning for parts of the country, which is expected to last into the early hours of Thursday morning.

It is expected that there will be some rain and snow for parts.

Here’s what you need to know about hot spots.

What is a hot spike?

A hot spike is a period of high heat or humidity, usually accompanied by unusually heavy rainfall, particularly in the hottest areas of the UK.

Heatwaves can last for days and people are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems, heat exhaustion and other health problems during a hot spell.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat, cough, trouble breathing, and a loss of consciousness.

Some people may develop a cold or flu-like illness, with severe cases often resulting in death.

What can cause a hot surge?

A spike in temperature can be caused by an unusual combination of events, such as unusually high humidity, particularly during the cooler months, and strong winds.

Some hot spots in the tropics have a very dry season, meaning they have very dry conditions, with little to no rainfall.

These can also cause the air to become extremely hot, even in areas where rainfall is typically less intense.

Hot spots can also be caused when the wind is not blowing in a particular direction, such a southwesterly direction.

For example, in places like the North East of England and Scotland, it is very hot in the summer, and extremely dry in the winter.

This can make the air very humid and the air can get very hot.

This makes it very difficult to breathe.

A spike can also occur when the weather is unusually warm.

For examples, when the high temperatures in South Australia are unusually warm and dry, they can result in a spike in the temperature of the air around the region.

However, these spikes are not unusual and happen more often in the South-east.

In the northern part of the United Kingdom, in particular the Midlands, the high temperature spike in October 2015 was only caused by a very hot and dry weather pattern, with very few heavy rainfall events.

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