How to live in the West: Arizona’s West, California’s East


Arizona’s west, the most densely populated part of the country, is home to the world’s third-largest and fastest-growing population, with an estimated 3.2 million residents.

But it’s also home to some of the most diverse communities in the country.

Here are the places we’ve found to live, explore, and experience the American West.


Flagstaff, Arizona Flagstaff’s city limits are roughly 20 square miles, and residents have been known to commute by car for decades.

Its median home price is $1.3 million, making it one of the priciest cities in the United States.

The city has a population of about 1.8 million.


Boise, Idaho The city of Boise has a median home value of $5.2 billion, with a median income of $55,000 per year.

It’s also a hub for the University of Idaho, where Boise State University is located.


Las Vegas, Nevada The most affordable housing market in the nation is Las Vegas.

Its metro area, Las Vegas Metro, has a home value estimated at $3.5 billion.


Los Angeles, California Los Angeles has a $1 trillion population, and its median home is $6.4 million.

It also has the most expensive median home in the U.S. The median home of the wealthiest 1% in the metro area is $10.5 million.


San Diego, California The population of San Diego is just over 12,000, and the median home prices in the city of San Jose are just under $1 million.


Tucson, Arizona The state’s second-most populous city, Tucson has a per capita income of just over $22,000.


Austin, Texas The city with the fifth-highest population in the state, Austin, has an average home value that’s just over a half-million dollars.


Lubbock, Texas Lubbocks home values are just over three times the national average, with median home values of more than $5 million, according to the U-Haul Association.


Fort Worth, Texas Fort Worth has a rate of home foreclosure rate of 4.5%, according to figures from Equifax.


Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque has an estimated unemployment rate of 5.3%.


Las Cruces, New Mexican The city that sits just outside the border with Mexico is home just over two-thirds of the state’s population, making Las Crucs the sixth-most populated city in the entire country.


Portland, Oregon Portland is home-state pride.

The U. S. State University of New Mexico, known as PSU, has more than 10,000 undergraduate students and a student population of more then 10 million.


Houston, Texas Houston has the third-highest median home sales price in the continental United States, at $1,746,000 according to Zillow.


Portland’s population is just under 12,500 people.


Austin’s population of 12,400 is just shy of half of the population of Seattle.


L.A. County, California L. A. County has the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the world, with more than 9 million people.


Sacramento, California Sacramento has the second-largest county in the western United States after California, and it has a metro area that’s over 1.5 times larger than San Diego.


Boise’s population comes in at about 2,700 people, making the Idaho town the eighth-largest city in all of Idaho.


Fort Collins, Colorado Colorado has the eighth largest metropolitan area of any state, with about 1 million people living there.


Salt Lake City, Utah Salt Lake has a high rate of job growth of about 12.5% annually, according the U Salt Business Chamber of Commerce.


Las Peñasquitos, Mexico Las Peñaquitos is a city of over 1 million inhabitants.


Tucson’s population sits just shy to just under 13,000 people, with the average home price in Tucson being just under a half million dollars.


Las Chinos, Mexico The city sits in the middle of Mexico’s central valley, with its median median home sale price of just under one million dollars, according and Zillowing.


Austin is home of an estimated 7.5m people.


San Jose, California San Jose has a jobless rate of less than 4%, and its metro area has a number of colleges that are ranked among the top 100 for student success in the National Universities list.


Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix has the ninth-largest population in all the United State with about 5 million people, and more than 1,500 colleges and universities in the Phoenix area.


Portland has more people than any other city in Oregon, with nearly 6 million residents, according Zillower. 28. San

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