Japanese hot spot Casino to close in 2019


JAPANESE HOT SPOTS Casino will close in 2020, a Japanese casino company said, adding that it will be replaced by a new one.

The company, SBI Holdings, said on its website that it has plans to open a new casino in 2020 in the country’s southernmost province of Hokkaido, where SBI operates its largest casino.

The new casino will be built in the area of Shizuoka, which is located in the same part of the country as Tokyo and the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The firm is also building another casino in Okinawa, a former Japanese colony, in 2021.

SBI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBI Group, the world’s largest casino operator.

In an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, SBS, the Japanese gaming company, said it had not yet decided whether it will build a casino in the Fukushima region or another location.

SBS has yet to announce plans for the new casino, which it said it would launch this year.

It did not say when it planned to begin the construction of the new site.

The casino is the largest in Japan and the world, with 1.7 million rooms and 2,000 slots.

SIB Holdings operates seven casinos in Japan, including the Tokyo and Tokyo Metropolitan areas.

The country has seen more than 200,000 deaths due to a virus linked to a coronavirus that has infected more than 30 million people since it was first detected in October.

The number of people who died of the virus in Japan increased by more than 20% last year.

The new casino is expected to bring in more than $1 billion annually.

It will be the second casino project to close since Japan’s government announced plans to reopen its casinos in December.

A casino operator in Hokkaidō, a coastal city in southern Japan, closed its doors in November due to the coronaviral crisis.

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