RTE TV: Ray hot spot treated with hot spots treatment


Ray hot spots are an unusual phenomenon that can occur in the atmosphere.

They are a consequence of a super-heated region in the outer layer of the atmosphere (ESO’s Large and Mid-Infrared Survey Telescope (LISA) has revealed).

These hot spots tend to be in the range of the temperature of 2.6-4.3 Kelvin and are usually visible to the naked eye, but they can be seen by a telescope.

Ray hot spots appear when a large region of the star, known as the hot spot, is at a temperature of about 1,500 Kelvin, which is about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This region can be located over a very wide area, such as between a star and the planets, and the temperature can be influenced by atmospheric pressure, which varies inversely with temperature.

In other words, the hotter the atmosphere is, the higher the temperatures.

A typical example of a hot spot in the LISA instrument is a large cloud of gas which appears to be at temperatures of 2,000 Kelvin and is the result of the planet Mars orbiting in close proximity to its parent star.

These hot spot conditions can last for days.

When the gas is released from the hot star, the resulting hot spot can also reach temperatures of about 4.5 Kelvin.

When the gas reaches the LISAS instrument, it is trapped by the magnetic field around the star.

It is then heated by the radiation from the sun, but this energy is lost as it is released.

In a sense, the L ISAS instrument is in a perpetual motion machine, which can be programmed to produce the same result for a certain amount of time.

When we look at the image above, we can see a very intense red glow that can be interpreted as a hot-spot.

This is the signature of a gas cloud of a planetary origin, but in a more general sense we can think of it as a gas shield around the planet.

In this image, we see the red glow around the parent star which is part of a massive hot spot at a distance of several hundred light years from the parent.

The gas is the star’s remnant gas and is thought to be about 40 times more dense than the Sun.

The star is very hot and very dense, but its magnetic field can affect its position and velocity.

This will have an effect on its trajectory.

The star is moving in a highly elliptical orbit around the galaxy, so there is a lot of cloud and dust that can affect the magnetic fields of the parent, but these effects are small compared to the overall effect of the hot-spots.

The LISA experiment is one of the most advanced in the world, so it is not surprising that the instrument has been used to study the origins of hot spots in the stars in our own solar system.

The image above shows the LIRSS instrument.

It uses a laser to create an image of the red hot spot and then combines this image with a special technique to measure the temperature.

This results in a very precise temperature measurement, which means that the system can be used to measure what the gas looks like in the gas cloud.

The instrument has a wavelength of about 2.5 microns, which will be useful for detecting hot spots that are smaller than a few millimetres in diameter.

There are also other instruments which can also detect hot spots and the Lisas instrument is one such instrument.

The images above show a red hot star with a large hot spot that is the remnant of a giant planet.

The image is from the first of five infrared images taken by the Lisa instrument.

This image shows the hot spots temperature, which was about 4 degrees Celsius hotter than the LISE instrument.

A larger image, taken a week later, shows the location of the same hot spot.

The LISA image shows a similar temperature in the background, but the LIST instrument does not measure the infrared part of the spectrum.

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