The hot spots of Jacksonville are so hot they are actually dangerous



— Hot spots are not the only problem that plagued the Jacksonville-Tallahassee International Airport in January.

Hot spots also exist, even though there was no air pollution, according to the city’s chief medical officer.

It was the result of the airport’s failure to implement its air quality plan, said Dr. Scott Langer.

It also contributed to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Langer is the director of the Jackson County Health Department.

It’s a health agency with a budget of more than $7 billion, but has a budget that has not been audited in more than 30 years, according in an audit of the agency’s operations that was released Thursday.

That audit is part of a lawsuit that seeks to get the city and the state to overhaul their air quality plans, which were adopted in 2015.

Jackson County has not released the report or the findings of the audit to The Associated Press.

It says it plans to release the audit, which was commissioned by a Jackson County judge, in an effort to get people to read it.

A review of the report was conducted by a group of outside experts and an independent health care consultant hired by the city.

Lager said the airport is responsible for its own air quality.

The city of Jackson has a plan to improve air quality, but it was never put into effect.

The plan, which includes more than 300 air quality monitors, has not received the attention that it deserves, he said.

The report said the number of air pollution alerts in January was 1,788.

That’s more than twice the number in January 2014, when the airport was still operating under its plan.

Lander said the problem is exacerbated by a lack of resources for monitoring the airport.

It took more than two weeks for the state and airport to begin their investigation, he added.

There was no sign of the coronaviruses virus being carried on the ground or in the air, but the virus was already spreading, the report said.

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