What you need to know about the Chicago Hot Spot’s new women’s hot spots


In October 2018, the Chicago Metropolitan Transit Authority launched its new Women’s Hot Spot, and its first women’s site on the public transit system.

This was the culmination of an eight-year-long effort by the city to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable transportation system for women.

Chicago’s Women’s Transportation Committee, which includes the mayor, a number of city employees, and other local leaders, developed the site’s design and built the hot spots with the support of several partners.

The new sites feature women-specific seating and amenities for women riders, along with a “Women’s HotSpot” menu.

The Chicago Transit Authority’s Women Hot Spot design and design process was launched in May 2018, following an initial three-year effort by a group of women.

The project included a public art installation by Chicago artist Dina Sussman that opened to the public in October 2018.

The site’s new menu offers a mix of the more traditional fare options and a variety of new menu items, such as the “Women of Color” menu, which offers options for black and brown riders, and the “Chicagoland” menu which includes a variety the food options available for women of color in Chicago.

For a look at the new hot spots, check out these video and photos of the new locations: Cincinnati, Ohio LIVE! 

The first women-only Chicago transit station in the world.

The Cincinnati City Council approved the inclusion of women’s transportation in the Cincinnati Metrobus system in September 2018.

LIVE Chicago’s first women and children’s hot seat, featuring the first in-person “Women HotSpot.”

LIFETIME The newest hot spot in Chicago is located on the north side of Wacker Drive in Wacker Park.

This is the first women & children’s space in Chicago to be created exclusively for women and is located just north of the city’s West Side. LIFE TIME The new women hot spot features “the best hot dog you’ve ever had,” as well as “the most awesome food that you’ve never had,” in a menu that features both the traditional fare and new menu options. LAZY LUBE The “lazy” Lazy Lounge is a women-centric lounge with a bar, bar area, and a bar counter.

The space features a women’s and childrens hot spot menu that is made available only to women.

SAVE THE DATE The city has also partnered with Chicago Public Schools to open a new “Women-inclusive Learning Center” for high school students in the Chicago Public School system, which opened in August 2019.

The center offers a variety program that includes tutoring, an interactive computer lab, and even an interactive play area.

TRAILER Chicago Tribune: The Chicago Women’s Transit Authority is the city agency with the most women-focused hot spots in the U.S. BETTER THAN A FANCY DISCOVERY The 2018 Chicago Transit Alliance report on the future of women-oriented transportation highlighted the growing interest and enthusiasm for more inclusive and equitable transit systems across the U: “There’s a lot of momentum, especially in Chicago, for transit to be more inclusive for women, for it to be easier to access, and more accessible for women to travel.

But we’re also seeing a lot more momentum toward having more accessible transit, especially for people who don’t have the money or the transportation to make it a reality.

And we want to make sure that we’re putting more money in to make that happen, to have more accessible and accessible transit.” 

Chicago Transit Alliance’s 2018 Women’s Mobility Report highlights that “Women are still the biggest consumers of public transit in the United States, and they’re still disproportionately impacted by high-cost, crowded, and inefficient public transit.”

In the future, women’s experiences will be recognized and celebrated in new ways, including by their choice of public transportation and by public space in their communities.

The city of Chicago is committed to ensuring that every single person, regardless of gender, can travel, ride, shop, or do anything else in their daily lives.

For more information on the city of Cleveland’s efforts to make the city a better place for women in transportation, visit the Cleveland Department of Transportation.

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