Which countries are the most dangerous for tourists?


In the past few years, the number of tourists visiting the Philippines has dramatically increased.

The country has been ranked number one in the world in tourist arrivals in the past year, with over 1.5 million foreign visitors in 2016.

But this surge has also caused significant public concern.

More than 70% of Filipinos want to visit the Philippines, and this number has skyrocketed from 20% in 2016 to a staggering 65% in 2017.

This has raised questions as to whether the Philippines can be a safe haven for tourists, especially if the number increases.

This is because many tourists are worried about their safety, according to a survey conducted by the Philippines Tourism Authority (PHTA).

The PHTA survey found that nearly half of the respondents are not even able to afford to pay for their hotel stays, and the majority of respondents do not want to go to the Philippines.

The survey also found that more than half of Filipinas fear travel restrictions, with more than 80% believing that they will be arrested or detained if they go to or visit the country.

Some Filipino nationals fear that they could be prosecuted for the crime of ‘liking’ a certain Facebook post.

A majority of those surveyed (70%) have been in contact with police and have been warned that they face criminal charges.

There are also a number of cases that have raised concerns for the safety of Filipino nationals, especially those living in the Philippines as asylum seekers.

For example, a Filipina asylum seeker who was arrested by the Philippine military on March 8, 2017, was found guilty of ‘resisting arrest’.

However, the Philippine government does not appear to be taking any steps to protect the citizens of the Philippines from the increased number of visitors.

This was highlighted in a meeting held by PHTA to discuss the issue, held on April 9, 2017.

At the meeting, Philippine authorities expressed concern over the increase in visitors to the country, saying that the PHTA is in the process of conducting a survey on the safety and security of Filipina nationals, and they are working to ensure that the issue is addressed.

However, it remains unclear what measures will be taken to safeguard the safety or security of the Filipino population in the country at large.

The Philippine government has been reluctant to comment on this issue, with the country’s foreign ministry spokesman saying that it is up to the government to address this issue in a way that reflects its national interests.

However the PHTC survey also revealed that many of the foreigners who visit the nation have little understanding of the country or its customs and traditions.

A total of 2,000 Filipinas, out of the total population of 8 million, did not know the country was a foreign country, according the survey.

This also led to a lot of confusion among tourists.

Many Filipinas do not know how to use the country and even foreign language, according a recent poll conducted by The Travel Institute, which is an organization that promotes travel and tourism in the region.

In the poll, more than 20% of the survey respondents did not even know the difference between ‘Bengkurian’ and ‘Binawakan’, a term used in the local language.

The word Binawakana, meaning ‘foreign land’, is not used in any of the local dialects, but the local media has reported that the term ‘Bongbong’ is also used by some locals.

However foreigners are still surprised to learn that the Philippines is not an official country, which they think of as an ‘unofficial country’.

They think that foreigners are not allowed to visit certain parts of the nation, such as the Basilan Islands, the Paraguana Islands, and Pampanga Island.

The Philippines has been under the jurisdiction of the United Nations for over 60 years, but most foreign countries, including the United States, Canada and Australia, have permanent observer status.

The Filipino government has said that it has decided to temporarily waive the temporary observer status of the UN, which was due to expire in 2020, in order to address the rising number of foreign tourists.

But the Philippines government has not indicated that it will grant a visa to foreigners in the future.

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