Which is the most chill spot in the city?


A chill spot is any spot where you can breathe in fresh air but still have a good time.

Here are the best spots in Sydney to chill.

Hot spot chill hot spot cool location 1.

Cooler Than the Sun Cafe – 477 Wellington Street, Sydney CBD This hot spot is situated in a building with an old-style diner and cafe.

This place is an absolute must stop if you’re visiting Sydney.


The Rooftop Lounge – 15 Southbourne Street, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW Sydney CBD Cooler than the sun cafe is a place where you’ll chill out for free.

This is a great place to relax after a long day.


The Rock Tavern – 25 Upper Hunter Street, Lower Hunter Street Sydney CBD If you’re in the mood for a chill time, head to the Rock Tavern.

This popular spot has a full bar and plenty of seating.


The Stomping Grounds – 5 Upper Hunter St, Lower Hunters Street, NSW You may have heard that the Stompers Grounds is a chill spot.

It’s a bit of a shame this is no longer the case, as the ground is now filled with a few tables and chairs.


The Spruce Street Pub – 15 Lower Hunter St Sydney CBD You may think it’s a long walk to the top of the Spruce Stables, but this bar is the perfect spot to get some chill vibes.


The Sun Pub – 13 Upper Hunter Road, Upper Hunter Sydney CBD Just south of the intersection of Upper Hunter and Lower Hunter Streets, this is one of the more chill spots.

This cool spot has lots of seating and plenty to do. 7.

The Woodlands Bar and Grill – 2 Upper Hunter Lane, Lower Hobart Street, Hobart, NSW This bar and grill has a bar and a couple of tables.


The Mardi Gras – 3 Upper Hunter, Lower Woodlands Street, New South Wales If you like a good drink, head down to The Mardis for a beer.


The Sausage Shed – 12 Upper Hunter Station Road, Lower Sydney CBD The S.S. Shed is a cool place to go for a good meal and get some fresh air.


The Tangerine Bar – 10 Upper Hunter Rd, Lower Alice Springs Road, NSW The T.S.’s Bar & Grill is a spot where the vibe is always chill.

This spot is a favorite for some drinks.


The Red Dog – 9 Upper Hunter & Lower Woodside Streets, Sydney NSW This cool pub has an outdoor bar and table service.


The River Club – 7 Upper Hunter Ridges, Lower Rockhampton Road, Sydney Sydney CBD Coolest place in Sydney?


The Blue Bottle Lounge – 7 Lower Hunter Ridge, Sydney The Blue Bottle Lounge is a trendy spot in Sydney where you may be able to score some great deals on drinks.

hot spot chill

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