Why are some countries so much faster than others?


The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released its latest results on internet speeds, and the biggest winners are the United States, Singapore, and India.

In total, the US ranked number two in the world, with its average internet speed topping out at a whopping 13.2Mbps, followed by Singapore with a whopping 8.4Mbps, and Indian consumers at 8.5Mbps.

But the speediest country in the Americas was Cuba, with a speed of just under 6Mbps.

In terms of overall download speeds, it was the United Kingdom which was the fastest with its users able to download 4.5 terabytes (TB) per second (3.3 terabits per second) of data in 2015.

Australia’s average download speed was just under 4.2 Mbps, and it ranked number six on the list.

There were also some surprising results in the category of internet speed over data.

For the first time in the survey, the number one country was China, followed closely by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Russia, and Hong Kong.

There was a lot of room for improvement in the UK, but the number of people who could use the internet over data was the lowest in the poll, at 2.5 million.

In the US, the average internet speeds were the highest in the rankings, with an average of 16.6Mbps.

This was followed by the UK with 15.9Mbps and China with 14.6.

Meanwhile, in Europe, there was an impressive 10.4 Mbps average download speeds in the last survey.

The countries that had the fastest average download and upload speeds were Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, and Austria.

Other notable results from the survey included the US and Brazil, with US users downloading over 7 terabytes of data per second.

The fastest average speed for the US was also the country with the highest number of Internet connection users in the OECD, at 7.7 terabit per second of download speed.

The average download rate for Brazil was over 9 terabytes per second, while the average upload rate was over 8.1 terabitts.

Meanwhile in India, the country was the second fastest in terms of internet speeds with the country’s average speed of 14.2GB per second being the highest among the countries in the study.

In fact, India is the only country in Asia where more than 40% of its population is connected to the internet.

Other countries that were ranked highly in terms to download speed included the UK at 7 terabitter per second and France at 7,800 terabetts.

India also placed first in terms for upload speed with over 3 terabytes, followed quickly by the US at 3.5TB and Germany at 3,400 terabetts.

The number of internet users in India was almost double that of the United Nations population, which was estimated at 1.6 billion people.

In this year’s survey, more than half of the countries surveyed were ranked as high or high-medium in terms at speed.

Other interesting results in this year are that countries that have more people in rural areas were found to be the fastest in the overall rankings, and that countries with more people on the internet were found the fastest.

The most important thing is to keep a steady internet connection, as internet speed can have a major impact on the quality of your experience on the Internet.

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