Why the hot spots are still deadly: A look at the deadliest outbreak in the U.S.


A year ago, the United States was on the brink of an outbreak that killed more than 500 people and sickened millions more.

But it didn’t end there.

Since then, the country has been in the midst of a new pandemic that has killed at least 1,400 people and left more than 4 million more without access to healthcare.

The outbreak, dubbed the H1N1 flu, is sweeping the country and the United Nations has declared it the world’s most severe pandemic.

But now, a new report suggests that the pandemic may have run its course, and that it may have actually become more deadly than feared.

The researchers at the University of Michigan and elsewhere analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to determine how often, how often with different strains, and how frequently in different areas of the country.

Their findings suggest that the H3N2 pandemic was more lethal than expected, as well as the H5N1 pandemic, which was more deadly.

A pandemic is defined as a period of time when several major outbreaks occur within a region or country, typically lasting two to three years.

It can be the result of several factors: a sudden spike in coronavirus activity, a change in the weather patterns that causes viruses to spread, or an increase in people moving around the world.

The new report shows that the last two of these were responsible for a massive increase in the number of people infected with the H2N2 strain.

A spike in the H4N1 strain of H3NPV is a result of a switch to the new H5NPV variant, which has yet to become widely circulating.

But both the H7N1 and H5C2 variants of the pandemics are not responsible for the surge in infections.

The pandemic H1H1 and the pandemia H5G1 have occurred in different parts of the United State, and the numbers of people affected by either one have increased over the past year.

In all, the researchers estimated that there were 1.2 million people in the United Kingdom, 1.3 million in Australia, and 6 million in the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany.

The numbers vary from state to state, and can be significantly lower.

The number of H5 infections was actually lower than what was originally estimated.

In the United Arab Emirates, for example, the number was only about 600.

The H5 strain of the flu was the first strain that showed a sharp spike in H3 infections, which led to a huge jump in the amount of new cases, according to the CDC.

But that spike was not enough to prevent the pandemaker H5 from being the new dominant strain of influenza.

According to the researchers, it is important to remember that a pandemic has no immediate endpoint.

So if the pandeman H5 gets more than one flu shot and if the virus is still circulating, it could cause a serious increase in illness and death.

“It’s not a question of if you’re going to get sick, but when,” said Dr. Richard Smith, a professor at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Smith and his team looked at data from six states that are part of the coronaviral coronaviruses network: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, where the new pandemic started.

In Michigan, the CDC recorded an increase of at least 3,000 new cases since the beginning of the H0N1 season, with a number of new infections that are believed to have spread through the air, he said.

But the CDC also reported that the number had dropped by only 500 in two of the six states, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

In Pennsylvania, where there have been a few more deaths and some of the new cases are thought to be the H6 strain, the H9 strain of flu has been the most common strain in the state, but there have also been several new cases.

The team was able to determine the number and the extent of new H3- and H4-type infections in the six counties and to look at how many new H2 infections were also seen.

The CDC said that there was no clear evidence of an increase or decrease in the incidence of new coronavirence in the states where H5 was the predominant strain, but that there may be a spike in new H7- and -type infections as well.

“We think that H3 is a very potent strain and that we have a very high incidence of H7 in the area,” Smith said.

That is because H3H3 and H3C2 are both highly resistant to other viruses.

That means that the virus can spread easily from one person to another, and even from one hospital to another.

That increased susceptibility means that even people who are not in close contact with people with H3, such as family members, are susceptible to the virus, Smith said,

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