Why we’re not seeing the same ‘crisis’ as last year’s — but can the world handle it?


In just one year, China has become the world’s biggest economy, and the world economy is poised to surpass the United States in the coming years.

But that is not what has people worried.

In the coming months, the Chinese government will be making its mark on the world and on us, with some very major changes.

What is happening in China is not unprecedented, but there are some new developments that we should pay attention to, especially if you are a foreigner who is watching this.

What do you think are the big developments that are happening in this era of China?

How will these changes affect us?

We’ve had the election of Donald Trump, the appointment of a new president, and now we are starting to see the effects of this new government.

And the changes that have happened in China in the last few years, in particular in the economy, have led to the most severe economic crisis in a long time.

It is a crisis that has a huge impact on the rest of the world, because China has been an important trading partner for decades.

But we should be paying more attention to these changes.

China is an emerging economy, a developing economy.

And China has always had some problems, and it has always been a developing country, so we should understand that.

The economic problems that we are seeing now are very much related to the economic crisis that we’re seeing in China.

The government is not able to solve these problems, but they do seem to be having some impact.

One of the big things that we have to pay attention in this crisis is that the Chinese authorities are taking a very hard line on issues that they are confronting.

China has a long history of political repression.

This is a major issue for us because this is a country that is a democracy.

And we have a democracy, but China has had a history of repression.

The repression that the government has taken, especially since the early days of the Communist Party in the 1950s, and particularly since the Cultural Revolution, has been really brutal.

The Chinese Communist Party has also done a lot of economic repression, and China’s economic performance has been poor, so it is not surprising that they have been having a difficult time.

And there is also a very strong anti-American sentiment in China, and I think that’s been a major factor in this.

And then we have the new president.

He is a man of his word, and he is also known for not giving China any special treatment.

He has said that he will not interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries, and that China will respect the sovereignty of other nations.

We also have an anti-corruption campaign in China and the crackdown on dissidents.

So, we should really pay more attention and pay more thought to these issues.

The fact is that we really need to pay more and pay less attention to China.

China’s economy is very strong and it’s a very rich economy.

We don’t have the problems that the United Kingdom has or the European Union has or any other countries that we could compare it to.

We have the same problems as they have.

We are not seeing this as a crisis.

We should pay more time and attention to the issues that we face, and we should not let our expectations get out of control.

So what are the major trends that we need to be paying attention to in China?

We have seen some very serious problems.

The first thing that we must pay attention is that China has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

According to the United Nations, China’s unemployment rate is around 10% — 10%.

That means that about 60% of the people are out of work.

The reason that China’s labor force is so weak is that it has no job creation, no new jobs, and no growth.

We know that the world is not doing well, and our labor force in the United State is growing.

The United States, we know that our labor market is not growing as fast as the rest.

And this is partly because of the fact that we did not adopt a universal basic income and also because of other issues that have come up in China recently, such as the closure of certain factories.

We still have a lot to do, but we can make progress, because we have enough skills to fill the jobs that are going to be created.

So the other major issue is that there are not enough jobs for all of China’s people.

The average wage for China’s workers is about $6 a day.

That is a very low wage, but it is a lot more than the average wage in the rest or even the United states.

So it is very hard for people to find jobs.

We’re seeing a huge number of people being employed, but people are not making a lot, so the labor force has shrunk.

China also has one the lowest per capita incomes in the industrialized world.

The richest country in the developed world has the highest per

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